Lisa Herron
Strategic Advisor
With over 35 years in the design industry as a client-focused project manager for institutions of higher learning, corporations, governmental agencies, and private entities, Lisa integrates clients' objectives into a work plan to deliver practical objectives and aspirational goals. She has been a speaker to national organizations, community groups, and students in the areas of facility programming, planning, case studies, and business practices. Throughout her tenure, she’s provided technical writing skills, helping to clarify project goals and requirements.

Predesign services are an area of specialty. With an eye for clarity and organization, she’s assisted many planning projects and visioning exercises. She’s led a long list of facility programming efforts focused on understanding clients’ needs and translating them into spatial requirements for architectural designs to fulfill, building lasting relationships with clients and team members. She contributes to Manning's legacy by supporting projects, marketing, and business operations. As a writer, Lisa enjoys telling the stories of our projects and the communities Manning has been fortunate to assist. When she's not writing about design, she can be found dabbling in fiction and personal essays or contemplating the beauty of the natural environment, including plants, animals, and the human species.