Colinn-Adam Early
Graduate Architect
Colinn Early's experience is well-balanced and ranges from construction in Louisiana to architectural design in New York City. With infectious enthusiasm and dedication, he is a people-oriented professional driven by an unwavering passion for excellence and a genuine desire to facilitate the success of clients and team members. Holding himself and others to high standards, he is an asset on project teams that demand attention to detail and meticulous execution. Colinn sums up his approach as "pointing out the little things that make big things happen."

He credits Ray Manning's influence as a visionary mentor whose guidance began when Colinn finished his first year at Columbia University. Hired then as a summer intern at Manning, Colinn went on to finish school and work for prestigious firms, but Ray Manning's mentorship continued. He is grateful to Ray as a role model and loyal mentor who continues to help him reach his professional aspirations as part of the Manning team.

Colinn's deep desire to impact people's lives shows up in his architectural work and community relations. As an honored high football player at the high school and college level, he returns to his high school to coach and mentor young adults.