Kelly O'Connor
Graduate Architect
A broad range of experiences deepens Kelly O'Connor's architectural abilities. In addition to his Master of Architecture degree, Kelly has degrees in industrial design and architecture construction technology. He has worked as an architectural designer, retail general manager, graphic designer, and carpenter, influencing his view of architecture and offering a holistic perspective.

Collaborative and organized, Kelly can be relied on to keep tasks on track, and his dedication means that he delivers one hundred percent every time. His special skills include hand and digital renderings, helping to visualize what’s possible for projects.

Architecture’s balance of creativity and technology inspires Kelly. He also adds entrepreneurial thought into the mix, knowing that buildings are better when designed with a firm understanding of market conditions, client expectations, and user needs. Like the sneakers he’s collected and sold over twenty years, buildings impact our experience of life. Both must reinforce their intended functions and lift the human spirit as art forms.