Jeremy Stock
Senior Architect
As a skilled architect and dedicated project manager, Jeremy Stock delivers large-scale, impactful projects. Developing and maintaining client relationships has facilitated his success. Sustainability is an essential part of the design process, and Jeremy is a highly skilled professional accredited through the International Living Futures Institute.

Fascinated by the effect of the built environment on people, Jeremy pursued dual degrees in architecture and urban studies. Through this multi-disciplined approach to urban design and community revitalization, he learned to approach community design through not only form and function but also policy, governance, and equity. Using this broad perspective, he’s led many projects delivering affordable housing through new construction and adaptive reuse of historic structures.

His experience also encompasses airport projects across multiple states, ranging from operationally critical specialized projects, such as a connector bridge in Minnesota, to a new terminal in Wyoming. Though these focus areas of housing and airports may appear disparate, he brings a human-centered vision to all his work, each project an opportunity to improve the quality of life for the end user. In housing, the opportunity may be providing privacy and dignity to a person transitioning out of homelessness; in an airport, the opportunity may lie in creating a stress-free travel experience. In either case, he’s learned the value of listening to clients and users so that the design responds to human needs at a detailed level.

Listening and personal integrity are keystones of building relationships. A favorite quote Jeremy keeps on his desk tells the story in the words of the late Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone: “Never separate the life you live from the words you speak.”