Rodney Bundick
Associate Interior Designer
Rodney is a creative who felt the call of the design profession from an early age. He developed his artistic talent and earned a certificate in fine arts before completing his bachelor’s degree in interior design. After living in the Washington DC area during his early career years, Rodney returned to Louisiana where the pull of community was strong. Having grown up in the small town of DeRidder, Louisiana, he experienced the shifts in community caused by Hurricane Katrina when the town took in new residents who had nothing to return to in New Orleans after the devastating storm. Manning’s recovery and resiliency work after Katrina and the firm’s continuing community-based projects made it a good fit for someone like Rodney, who wants to explore the intersection of design and community.

Rodney applies his artistic sense to Manning projects and continues to draw in his spare time. With pencil in hand, he’s never without an ongoing art project.